The Fatwa Centre

We have an in-house team of research fellows, who are graduates of our flagship ‘Ifta’ Specialisation Program, to assist the muftis in the intensive research required for the fatwa process. Our muftis have unfettered access to numerous senior muftis, scholars, and experts in the field of economics, medicine, scientific research, etc. to assist in the more complex queries that are received.

Cashback program in business

Question Assalamu Alaykum, I am doing e-commerce, and I have now found a company that provides a service of shipping, customer support, and product sourcing (and they can buy the product for you if you want, and then you give them the price they paid at the end of the...

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Hair Extensions

Question Salamu alaikum, I was wondering what the ruling is on hair extensions for women. I have been told that they are not permitted if they are of synthetic material such as false hair added to real hair I.e. wigs but are permissible even if one uses extensions...

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Music composer and iman

Question As Salamu Alaikum I'm a music composer and sound effects creator, and I mostly do freelance work in music and sound effects design. I will leave this field permanently after I learn some halal skills such as programming. but for now, I'm holding music because...

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Snail Mucin Skin Care

Question Assalamu Alaikum My dad told me to contact you in regards to a skin care product i have been using as he believes it isn't allowed however i have not seen anything saying it wasn't and just though it would be safer to contact you. it is called snail mucin it...

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The aim of the Fatwa Centre will be to meet the growing ethical, religious and spiritual needs of the Muslim community around the UK and other countries.


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