Insufficient Purity: Menstruation Query

Jun 7, 2013 | Women’s Fiqh


I have a problem…  In the month of May I started on 8th and finished on 14th. In May I started 28th which means that there wasn’t a 15 day gap of Purity. This means that i am in istihadha. However, I do not know what I have to do. Does this mean i can pray as long as I do my wudhu for each prayer for all the 7 days that I am on for?

Or does it mean that I can pray until my 15 days gap have been done and then for the rest of the days i can’t pray? I’m not sure. I need to know… Jzk. Normal days that I’m on for is 7 days!

Answered by Umm Yusuf Abdul Sattar
Verified by Mufti Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

In situations of abnormal bleeding, we use a woman’s previous cycles to help her determine which part of her bleeding is menstruation, which is purity, and which is istihada. Istihada is that blood that a woman experiences that is not menstruation. During istihada, a woman is obligated to complete her ritual obligations, such as fasting and praying.

With the information you have provided, we would assign six days as menstruation and eighteen days as purity. The bleeding you experienced from May 8 – 14 will be menstruation. The bleeding you are currently experiencing will be applied toward your normal eighteen days of purity, which will be counted from May 14 – June 1. After completing the allotted purity, you will consider the next six days menstruation.

You should continue to apply the pattern of six days blood and eighteen days purity as long as you experience irregular bleeding. Should anything change, you should consult with a scholar, as the rulings are based on a specific set of circumstances. We also recommend keeping a detailed record of bleeding (regular and irregular) and purity, including dates and times.

Lastly, the current bleeding is dysfunctional uterine bleeding (istihada), during which you should continue to pray, with a fresh ablution for each prayer time. You can also refer to “The Laws of Menstruation, Postnatal Bleeding & Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding,” for more information.

Feb. 23 – Feb. 27 – 4 Blood

24 Days Tuhr

March 23 – 29 – 6 Blood

16 Days Tuhr

April 14 – 20 – 6 Blood

18 Days Tuhr

May 8 – 14 – 6 Blood

14 Days Tuhr

May 28 – Blood

4B, 24T, 6B, 16T, 6B, 18T, 6B, 14T, Blood (Joins)

Take 6B, 18T as habit and apply that. So May 8 – May 14 is menstruation. And May 14 – June 1 will be purity. Then take next 6 days as menstruation.

Answered by Umm Yusuf Abdul Sattar