Women Leaving The House

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Assalamualaykum. I wanted to ask if women are allowed to go out of their houses for fun such as going for a walk in the park or going to a friend’s house? I read on some Islamic websites that they are not allowed to go out except for a genuine need but the verses that most websites quote are directed to the wives of the Prophet SAW and the verses don’t seem to openly suggest that this ruling applies to all woman.


While a verse of the Qur’an may have been revealed in response to a particular situation, the ruling derived from it is not usually restricted to that particular situation, even though it is important to understand the context in order to derive the correct ruling. Hence the verses regarding women’s hijab, of which staying at home is the most perfect form, are not only for the most honorable wives of the Prophet ﷺ, but are for all Muslim women till the end of time.

The purpose behind these commands is the minimisation of fitna, which is caused when men and women interact with each other in an unrestrained manner, or by the mere sight of women when they are not dressed appropriately. However, the Shari’ah recognizes that at times women need to leave their homes and allows for this, as long as there is good reason for it and the woman is covered according to the requirements of the Shari’ah. Furthermore, interaction with men must be avoided or limited to what is necessary, and even when necessary it must be very formal and restrained. Mufti Shafi’ Usmani in Ahkam al-Qur’an includes as examples of valid reasons for women leaving the house, the performance of Hajj and Umrah, visiting relatives and working to earn a living when there is no other source of livelihood.

Going for a walk in the park for the purpose of exercise and getting some fresh air, or a change of scene for the sake of refreshing ones mind and uplifting ones mood would be a valid reason to leave the house. However, one should try to choose a park that is not very crowded if it is within reasonable distance, or go at a time when the number of visitors are low, and one should also try to go with a mahram. It is also essential that one is fully following the codes of Islamic dress when going on this excursion, which includes wearing loose fitting clothing that covers the entire body, excluding the hands and feet; the face must also be covered, even if it with a mask.

It would also be permissible to visit a relative or friend with the intention of strengthening kinship ties or the bonds of Muslim brotherhood if the friend is Muslim, or of softening the friend’s heart to Islam if she is non-Muslim. However in this case also care should be taken that the rules of hijab are maintained at all times.

And Allah knows best.

 أحکام القرآن للفقیہ المفسر العلامۃ محمد شفیع رحمہ اللّٰہ

قال تعالی : {وقرن في بیوتکن ولا تبرجن تبرج الجاهلیة الأولی}  [الأحزاب :۳۳]فدلت الآیة علی أن الأصل في حقهن الحجاب بالبیوت والقرار بها ، ولکن یستثنی منه مواضع الضرورة فیکتفی فیها الحجاب بالبراقع والجلابیب … فعلم أن حکم الآیة قرارهن في البیوت إلا لمواضع الضرورة الدینیة کالحج والعمرة بالنص ، أو الدنیویة کعیادة قرابتها وزیارتهم أو احتیاج إلی النفقة وأمثالهابالقیاس، نعم! لا تخرج عند الضرورة أیضًا متبرجةّ بزینة تبرج الجاهلیة الأولی، بل في ثیاب بذلة متسترة بالبرقع أو الجلباب ، غیر متعطرة ولامتزاحمة في جموع الرجال؛ فلا یجوز لهن الخروج من بیوتهن إلا عند الضرورة بقدر الضرورة مع اهتمام التستر والاحتجاب کل الاهتمام ۔ وما سوی ذلک فمحظور ممنوع. (۳/۳۱۷ – ۳۱۹ )

Answered by:
Ifta Research Fellow

Checked & Approved by:
Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel