Contraceptive implant

Jan 30, 2022 | Uncategorized


I’m 22 and I had an unexpected pregnancy, Alhamdulillah I am grateful for the blessing of my first born, however I have experienced an incredible hard year into motherhood, physically and emotionally and still struggling. I would like to know if it is permissible for me to use a contraceptive implant (nexplanon) for family planning. My husband disagrees and prefers to use other form of contraception such as condoms, however due to both my mental health and physical issues I have had post pregnancy and child birth I know another unplanned pregnancy I would not be fit for. Due to my mental health which I am still trying to recover and provided the best version of myself to my child, I cannot risk another pregnancy too soon.

Please advise if my reasons are valid to use this form of contraception. I understand there are other methods however I have peace in mind knowing I have some control of family planning and don’t have the fear of having my second child too soon because of how the contraceptive implant works.


The use of contraceptives is permissible in the shari’ah if the woman feels like she is not physically, mentally or emotionally well enough to care for the baby. Based on the information available on their website, there seems to be no reason to prohibit the use of Nexplanon for this purpose.

Answered by:
Apa Myra Hamid

Checked & Approved by:
Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel