Al Hasan ibn Ziyad Al Lului

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What was the status of Hasan ibn Ziyad Al Lului (student of Abu Hanifa )رحمهم الله ?

Please read this article written against him:

The unreliability of Molana Zafar Thanvi on Hasan ibn Ziyad Lului by Shaykh Zubayr Ali Zai


Shaykh Hasan ibn Ziyad was a great jurist and was indeed a reliable scholar. Many scholars are quoted praising him, though there are some that have criticised him. One must bear in mind that not all quotes of criticism are valid. Rather, the criticisms themselves must also be critiqued and verified. Shaykh Zahid Kawthari has written a lengthy response to the criticisms levelled at Shaykh Hasan ibn Ziyad. Without going into detail we have provided some key issues that Shaykh Zahid Kawthari has highlighted regarding some of the criticisms:

1. The chain of transmission for the critique itself at times contains unreliable individuals.

2. Some of those who have criticised Imam Hasan are known to have a dislike for Imam Abu Hanifah and his students, hence, their criticism itself is questionable.

3. Scholars such as Yahya ibn Ma’in, Abu Hatim and Abu Dawud who have critiqued Imam Hasan have done so on the basis that he has at times made an error (wahm) when narrating. However, this is very different from an individual intentionally lying whilst narrating and such errors have also occurred from other reliable narrators. Hence, quotes from such scholars stating that state Imam Hasan was a liar refers to these types of mistakes as opposed to intentional lies.

4. Great scholars such as Imam Dhahabi have refused to quote some of these criticisms. For example, Imam Dhahabi writes, “Abu Bakr al-Khatib has written such things regarding Imam Hasan which are not suitable for me to quote”. This clearly indicates that Imam Dhahabi does not agree with these types of exaggerated statements.

We would advice excising caution when it comes to taking knowledge from unverified sources on the internet, rather, if one is interested in these discussions then they should enrol onto a course and study Islam properly. Whitethread Institute runs a course on the sciences of Hadith which may be of interest to you.

تاريخ الإسلام ت بشار (5/ 49)
قلت: قد ساق في ترجمة هذا أبو بَكْر الخطيب أشياء لا ينبغي لي ذكرها. وتوفي سنة أربع ومائتين

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Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel