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Note: If the following guidance notes are not adhered to, the submitted question may not be answered. Please read the following guidance notes carefully before submitting a question.

The Whitethread Fatwa Centre has been established to serve the juridical needs of the Muslim community. We are available to answer your questions, related to any topic of inquiry. You can contact us by completing the form below.

Queries are generally researched and responded to within 3-10 days. If the query requires more detailed research, answers can take longer.

Confidentiality is taken seriously by the Fatwa Centre and personal details will not be shared with anyone else. Please note that questions submitted here will only be seen by members of the Fatwa Centre team. When questions and their responses are deemed beneficial for the public, all identifying and/or personal information is removed, and an anonymised version is uploaded to our online fatwa database.

  • Please note that this is not a private contact method for Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera.
  • We do not deal with issues of jinn possession, magic or OCD related questions. We also do not provide dream interpretation or ruqya services.
  • Please do not submit your question more than once. It takes up the daily quota and prevents others from benefiting from this service.
  • Please be advised that this service is not to be taken as legal advice; nor are we acting in the capacity of a shari’ah council. Rather, our answers serve as educated religious advice.

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We are currently only taking questions related to Ramadan such as questions on fasting, i’tikaf, sadqah al-fitr and zakah. Questions not related to Ramadan should be submitted after Ramadan otherwise they will be deleted from the system.

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