Ruling on Urine Drops

Jun 6, 2023 | Taharah (Purity)


Asalamoalikum So whenever im reading quran or just doing nothing/vulgar things come in my mind idk how but i try to avoid them but since they come like 50 times a day its hard to avoid all.when this happens i feel something has exited my genital and i have checked many times its usually a urine drop maybe smaller than a cm or 2, this happens 50times i dont wash when i havent thought/looked at anything as such through desires or intentionally but sometimes somehow it happens to me that i look at it unintentionally or the thought comes and im unable to look away or i dont realise but when i realise i do look i dont understand whats my ruling?i have been sick alot of time due to washing agian and again i dont understand what to do,help

i cant wash 50 times a day and how to avoid this do i just let it happen or what?

please help jzkallah


The penile discharge that you have described seems like pre-ejaculation fluid and not urine, since it is experienced at the time of sexual arousal only and not otherwise. It would not necessitate ghusl, but it would break your wudu, and you would have to renew your wudu before performing salat.

As far as washing your penis is concerned, if the fluid has spread on your penis so that it now covers more than the excused amount, you would have to wash your penis when preparing for salah. If you are sure that the fluid covers less than the excused amount, you do not need to wash it, but it would be recommended that you do. Note that the excused amount is roughly the size of the circle that is made when you join the tip of your thumb with the tip of your index finger.

Similarly, if the fluid has soiled your underwear or lower garment, if the total spread of the fluid is greater than the excused amount then washing or changing your soiled underwear or lower garment would be obligatory. If the total spread of the fluid on your underwear or lower garment is less than the excused amount, you may perform salat in the same clothes; however, if washing or changing is an easy option, it would be disliked to pray in the soiled clothing.

You do not have to wash your penis and wash or change your garment every time you experience a discharge; rather this has to be done only before you perform wudu. Also, you can prevent the washing by keeping the tip of your penis wrapped in some folded tissue paper or cotton wool or a piece of cloth; this would absorb the discharge and prevent your clothes from getting soiled, and even stop the fluid from spreading on your penis. In this case, before every salat you can remove the wrapping and simply perform wudu.

Please note that if what you are experiencing is not pre-ejaculation fluid but is, in fact, urinary incontinence, the rulings and recommendations would all be the same as above.

“منها مذي…. وهو ماء أبيض رقيق يخرج عند شهوة لا بشهوة ولا دفق ولا يعقبه فتور وربما لا يحس بخروجه وهو أغلب في النساء من الرجال.ويسمى في جانب النساء قذى بفتح القاف والدال المعجمة. “و” منها “ودي” بإسكان الدال المهملة وتخفيف الياء وهو ماء أبيض كدر ثخين لا رائحة له يعقب البول وقد يسبقه أجمع العلماء على أنه لايجب الغسل بخروج المذي والودي”.

(حاشية الطحطاوی علی المراقي، فصل: عشرة أشياء لايغتسل، ١ / ١٠٠ – ١٠١)

يدل عليه ما في الاختيار من أن الاستنجاء على خمسة أوجه: اثنان واجبان

أحدهما: غسل نجاسة المخرج في الغسل من الجنابة والحيض والنفاس كي لاتشيع في بدنه

والثاني: إذا تجاوزت مخرجها يجب عند محمد قل أو كثر وهو الأحوط؛ لأنه يزيد على قدر الدرهم، وعندهما يجب إذا جاوزت قدر الدرهم؛ لأن ما على المخرج سقط اعتباره، والمعتبر ما وراءه

والثالث: سنة، وهو إذا لم تتجاوز النجاسة مخرجها

والرابع: مستحب، وهو ما إذا بال ولم يتغوط فيغسل قبله

والخامس: بدعة، وهو الاستنجاء من الريح. اهـ

(الدر المختار وحاشية ابن عابدين (رد المحتار) (1/ 335))

Answered by:
Apa Myra Hamid

Checked & Approved by:
Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel