How to purify a jug or bowl?

Jul 20, 2023 | Taharah (Purity)


1. How does one purify something that holds liquid (bowl, jug, etc) that is now impure (water inside contaminated or the bowl itsef): (a) wash normally like it’s a dirty pure one (swirl) with no regard for transference and can use wiping or (b) fill it up and dump it out 3 times (do you have to let it drip until it stops dripping every time in between?) or make it overflow for 3x the estimated time it would take to fill the container?
2. Does it matter whether it is a visible or invisible impurity, do you use same method?


Impurities will either be visible or invisible. If the impurity is visible then an item is considered pure when the visible impurity is removed and no longer present. This can be achieved by washing or wiping depending on the item. For example, if a bowl is glazed with a smooth surface then wiping the impurity away can suffice. Whereas if the bowl has engravings, carvings or designs that allow the impurity to seep in making it more difficult to wipe impurities away then one will need to wash the impurities away.

If impurities are not visible then one would need to clean the item until their dominant opinion is that the impurities have been cleaned away. If unsure then cleaning three times will suffice.

Today, many objects are usually cleaned using running water. In such a case one will not need to wash and rinse three times. Rather, leaving it under running water until one is sure that the impurity has been removed would also suffice.

حاشية الطحطاوي على مراقي الفلاح شرح نور الإيضاح (ص: 161) – “و” يطهر محل النجاسة “غير المرئية بغسلها ثلاثا” وجوبا وسبعا مع الترتيب ندبا في نجاسة الكلب خروجا من الخلاف “والعصر كل مرة” تقديرا لغلبة

قوله: “تقدير الغلبة الظن” أي بالغسل ثلاثا والعصر كذلك لسكنه ليس بتقدير لازم عندنا وإنما العبرة لغلبة الظن ولو بما دون الثلاث كما في غاية البيان وبه يفتي كما في البحر عن منية المصلي حتى لو جرى الماء على ثوب نجس وغلب على ظنه أنه طهر جاز استعماله وإن لم يكن ثم غسل ولا عصر كما في التبيين والبناية وفي السراج اعتبار غلبة الظن مختار العراقيين والتقدير بالثلاث مختار البخاريين والظاهر الأول أن لم يكن موسوسا وإن كان موسوسا فالثاني كذا في البحر

Answered by:
Ifta Research Fellow

Checked & Approved by:
Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel