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I am a university student, about to begin my final year. I have recently found out how big of a sin interest is. I have been taking a student loan which involves interest these past couple of years, and I have applied to take one out for this year. my question is, due to my financial situation, would I be ale to take out the loan for this year as it is my final year? or should i not? this is my last year, and if i just drop out i would have wasted three years of my life. hpwever, if i continue studyng with a student loan that has interest, it is a sin. i cannot affrd to pay my tuition fees otherwise, and my family is financially unstable. what should i do?


In the name of Allah, the Inspirer of truth

As you are aware the university student loan provided by Student Finance England involves interest and is unlawful. For this reason it would not be permissible for you to take out such a loan. However, this does not mean you have to abandon your final year of study. You should look into alternative methods of funding. Below are a few options you may want to consider.
1) Crowd fund from family and friends
2) If this is not possible, borrow money from friends and family and work part time alongside your studies to pay off the borrowed money.
3) If you are eligible for zakat you can accept zakat donations.
4) You could take a gap year and defer your study for the following year. During this year you could work full time and save enough money to be able to fund your final year.
Do remember that if you stop taking this loan, purely for the sake of Allah, He will open a way for you insha Allah. Make as much duʿā as you can, and ask Allah to open up a way which is lawful and would be a means of gaining his pleasure.
The Prophet  taught Ali (may Allāh be pleased with him) a duʿa, which if recited will bring
Allah’s assistance in paying off debts, even if they are the size of a mountain. This is an extremely powerful and beneficial duʿā and should be read daily.

اللَّهمَّ اكْفِني بحلالِكَ عَن حَرَامِكَ، وَاغْنِني بِفَضلِكَ عَمَّن سِوَاكَ
Allāhummakfinī bi ḥalālika ʿan ḥarāmika
wa aghninī bi faḍlika ʿamman siwāka

And Allah knows best

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Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel

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Date: 2020-05-07T12:17:24.000Z