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We have an in-house team of research fellows, who are graduates of our flagship ‘Ifta’ Specialisation Program, to assist the muftis in the intensive research required for the fatwa process. Our muftis have unfettered access to numerous senior muftis, scholars, and experts in the field of economics, medicine, scientific research, etc. to assist in the more complex queries that are received.

Latest Fatwas

Defi Earnings

Question salam 3alykum. A friend of mine is encouraging us to explore a website that leverages DeFi technology to generate profits. I have concerns that engaging in such activities might inadvertently involve us in earnings that could be considered haram. The website...

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Liver Transplant

Question Assalam Mualaykum. My daughter is 22 years old, and is suffering with a debilitating liver condition. It has got to the stage now where the doctors are suggesting a liver transplant is required. Is it permissible to accept a liver transplant to increase once...

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How to purify a jug or bowl?

Question 1. How does one purify something that holds liquid (bowl, jug, etc) that is now impure (water inside contaminated or the bowl itsef): (a) wash normally like it’s a dirty pure one (swirl) with no regard for transference and can use wiping or (b) fill it up and...

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Question Salam is McDonald’s frappe halal as they state that Alchoal is used in process which evaporates and there’s only 0.05% in final product Answer Many products are known to contain alcohol. The general principle is that alcohol derived from grapes and dates is...

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Are Qur’anists Muslim

Question Are People - Qur'anists - who reject hadith in their entirety due to believing they are fabrications attributed to the Prophet disbelievers? If not what about if this leads them to rejecting or distorting necessary parts of the religion including the way to...

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Claiming Gift Aid On A Loan

Question Salaam, I have agreed to give qardha hasanah to a charity for £5000. They have asked me to to claim gift aid on this amount. I was hesitant as I wasn't sure if this was allowed. Will this be permissible as it is not a charitable donation rather it is an...

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The aim of the Fatwa Centre will be to meet the growing ethical, religious and spiritual needs of the Muslim community around the UK and other countries.


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