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Aug 30, 2022 | Medicine and treatment


السلام علیکم و رحمت الله وبركاته

Respected ulama, students of Deen,

I want to ask if the cover provided by Benendon is halal, they claim they are not an insurance company but a mutual co-operative and provide cover for health related costs.

I think they may be a god send if halal, their website is:


After reviewing the website, we have concluded on the following.

Benenden Health provides a variety of services, some of which conform to the principles of shariʿah whilst others do not.

As for the Benenden Healthcare plan, this is a monthly membership to private healthcare. The website states that it is not an insurance, rather, works based on a mutual fund. Hence, the monthly payment of £11.90 paid by each customer each month funds the services provided by Benenden Healthcare.

From an Islamic perspective this can be seen as a service contract (ijarah) if carried out correctly. The customer pays a monthly payment and in return has certain services made available to them. The key point here being that the customer is provided the following services from day one:

– 24/7 Mental Health Helpline

– Care Planning and Social Care Advice

– The Benenden Health App and Wellbeing Hub

– Member rewards

– Online health and wellbeing classes

One of the key factors that render conventional medical insurance contracts invalid is gharar (uncertainty). This is where there is uncertainty as to whether or not the customer will get anything in consideration for the premiums they are paying. For example, the customer may only be entitled to services if they fall ill, and if they do not then their premiums will not account to anything.

As for the Benenden Health it seems that the individual is provided certain services and these services are available for them to benefit from should they wish to do so. Hence, the payment they have made is in consideration for certain services provided right from the beginning.

If the above is correct, and the customer is actually allowed to benefit from certain services without restriction after making the first payment, and use of the service is not contingent on a future event, then there could be scope to permit such an arrangement.

There is however, one treatment within this plan which is carried out on an insured basis and that is the treatment of Tuberculosis. As this is based on insurance it will not be permissible to carry out such treatment with Benenden Health.

The Health Assessment Option is also just a paid service and would be permissible.

As for The Health Cash Plan, this is also clearly an insurance product just like the treatment of Tuberculosis and would not be permissible to take out.


We’re not a health insurance provider. We complement the NHS by offering access to private healthcare when there’s a wait above our current NHS wait time threshold. We’re here for your health every day.  

You can request private medical diagnosis in our diagnostic network for symptoms which you have been referred by your NHS GP. Once authorised, we can support your diagnostic costs up to £1,800. All costs up to this amount will be settled directly by Benenden Health.

Treatment of Tuberculosis If you’re diagnosed with tuberculosis, we will cover the costs of
approved treatment. This service is provided on an insured basis.

As every service we provide is funded entirely by our Members’ contributions, there are some costs and services that we cannot help with in any circumstances. These are detailed in this guide.

Members have 14 days from the day they receive their first membership pack after joining, to cancel their membership. Any payments you have made in this time will be refunded.

Important Documents – Policy Terms and Conditions 
Important Documents – Insurance Product Information Document

Answered by:
Ifta Research Fellow

Checked & Approved by:
Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel