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Sep 4, 2010 | Marriage and Divorce


I have had my nikah done to someone my family convinced me to marry of my own will and acceptance. I really don’t like him now, but not because he is not nice. Can I seek a divorce? I want to be happy.

Answered by: Mufti Abdurrahman ibn Yusuf

Assalamu alaykum

In the name of Allah the Inspirer of truth.

This is an extremely complicated issue, since it is not as easy as demanding a divorce. One way to keep the marriage together which is an objective of the Shari’a is to find ways to create the love, affection and bond needed between the couple. One of the Shuyukh advised that it may be advised to consult an ‘amil in this issue and obtain a permissible ta’wiz. All the while Istikhara should be made and not limited to just a few days. Insha’ Allah, a solution may be reached this way.

If nothing changes then it would be permissible in such a case to seek a divorce.
(Radd al-Muhtar 2:558)

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Abdurrahman ibn Yusuf