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We have an in-house team of research fellows, who are graduates of our flagship ‘Ifta’ Specialisation Program, to assist the muftis in the intensive research required for the fatwa process. Our muftis have unfettered access to numerous senior muftis, scholars, and experts in the field of economics, medicine, scientific research, etc. to assist in the more complex queries that are received.

Latest Fatwas

Ghusl of Ear Piercing

Question I have sensitive ear holes (for earrings) that tend to almost close up often. Getting a wet earring (for ghusl) inside my ears not only hurts but made it bleed. I am unsure if water can even flow through the hole as it is small. It’s small enough that...

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Late Payment Fees in Phone Contracts

Question Salam Mufti , Hope you are well. My question is regarding mobile phone contracts. I was looking to take a mobile phone contract and had some doubts in regard to whether its halal or haram. I have seen online fatwa from one site generically speak of late...

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Withdrawal Bless from Pill

Question Ive been on a contraceptive pill to make menstrual pain less but when you take a 4 or 7 days break for a ‘period’ it is actually called a withdrawal bleed because a egg hasn’t released, in a real period which would make a women come on her...

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Late Fees and PCP Contracts

Question As salamu alaykum. I have a two part question which would really help me. Firstly, I want to purchase something on 0% finance which I understand to be halal, but most companies have late payment fees, is it permissible to agree to late payment fees? I intend...

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The aim of the Fatwa Centre will be to meet the growing ethical, religious and spiritual needs of the Muslim community around the UK and other countries.


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