Celebrating National Days

Sep 7, 2022 | Aqidah (Belief)


Teachers in Turkey participate in the event organized for national days and encourage students. if he does not do this, problems will arise and the teacher will be condemned and put in a difficult position. In terms of the content and meaning of the ceremonies, some groups accuse the teacher and student participating in the ceremony with the sin of shirk. I think too much, am I doing polytheism? Description of the ceremonies:
October 29, Republic Day: Atatürk declared the Republic and its form of government became the Republic. 1 year ago, the country was ruled by sultanate and caliphate. The sultanate and caliphate were abolished and the new administration became the Republic.
November 10 Atatürk’s death: Atatürk passed away and a commemoration ceremony is held every year at 9:45 with a minute of silence and 1 minute of national anthem.
April 23 Children’s Day: Atatürk said on April 23, 1920 that the sovereignty belongs to the nation and established the Turkish Grand National Assembly. dedicated this day to children and national sovereignty.
19 May Youth Day: Atatürk made his first journey for the national struggle on 19 May and this day is celebrated in memory of that first step.
On these days, a minute’s silence is observed and the National Anthem is sung. the ceremony is held. Teachers explain the meaning of those days and their importance for the nation. Atatürk and his innovations and reforms are praised. Local Salafis say that celebrating these days is apostate because it contains innovations that harm Islam. I am a teacher and these days I have to attend and attend the ceremony. If I don’t participate, I will be fired. Some local scholars said, “Reject with your heart and join the celebration there, you will not become an apostate by doing this.” Is it enough to refuse wholeheartedly in addition to participating in celebrations and ceremonies? How should I describe these days to my students? Atatürk and national holidays are very important for the country, telling him badly will result in punishment. am i an infidel.


Participating in these celebrations purely because it is a requirement of your job would be permissible, if your intention is not to honour Ataturk and his anti-Islam policies. You could also make the intention of glorifying the country rather than Ataturk. As far as talking about the significance of these days with your students is concerned, you should mention only those aspects of them and refer to those of Ataturk’s policies and reforms that are not contrary to the Shari’ah.

Answered by:
Apa Myra Hamid

Checked & Approved by:
Mufti Abdul Rahman Mangera
Mufti Zubair Patel